Sophie ~ A Watercolor Painting from start to finsih by ShawnaL…Sophie enjoying the beach. A Watercolor Painting by ShawnaLee Kwashnak from start to finish.Posted by Portraits by ShawnaLee on Monday, June 12, 2017

Watercolor Painting of “Sophie”

“I would very much like to thank ShawnaLee for providing exceptional customer service when I recently commissioned her to do a portrait of our little Sophie enjoying our Outer Banks beach vacations.

She was a special little girl that started off life in an Amish puppy mill.  Fortunately, for her and for us, she was rescued by a special group of people who save these poor little souls from a life of cages, poor food and emotional neglect. After they personally socialize them and house train them, they are then adopted out to a loving home. Her life in our home was nothing but love and wonderful care.  her first neglectful  years, however, left their mark nad she suffered from Diabetes among other illnesses.  Sophie was a great little trouper with her constant blood sugars and insulin injections.  She was much more than a pet, she was such a loving living soul, a family member.

I have lost other dogs in the past, but losing her was particularly difficult.  This is why this portrait of Sophie at the Beach is so important to me. ShawnaLee kept us up-to-date on the painting in progress. It was wonderful to see the art take shape from beginning to completion and she finished in a very prompt but not rushed way.  We decided to take a drive back home to CT to visit family and pick up the completed work in person. She knew how important this piece was to me and it showed when I walked into her studio and the painting was positioned so I would see it immediately.  Her great understanding and empathy for people who have lost their pets is very apparent and her ability to capture the uniqueness of our little Sophie moved me in a way I can’t fully describe.

This work of art will be framed and positioned in a place of honor in our living room.

Thank you ShawnaLee, Kathleen” Brutz June 2017

Sydney in Asbury ~ Acrylic painting of a Portuguese water dog:

“It brought tears to Gina’s eyes when she saw it.  She says it may be the best gift I’ve ever given her (and I promise you, there have been some great gifts over the years, so that is really saying something! )” Leo Brereton  August 2017

Graphite Portrait of “Maggie” ~ a Mother’s Day Gift 2017:  “Amazing!!!! She teared up! She said she had just taken a picture of Maggie the other day to send to you so that you could draw her portrait! She was beyond thrilled and appreciative! Thank you so much!!!!!!” Kelsey Rofofsky

Maggie ~ handrawn in Graphite by ShawnaLee ~ www.shawnalee.comA Happy Mother’s Day Graphite Portrait of Maggie from start to finish by ShawnaLee Kwashnak.

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Charcoal Portrait of Pokey:  “I love it! You really captured his expression!”  Esther Woll Fiddes January 2017 published on page 32 in Connecticut Horse Magazine January/February2017 issue

Bailey – Oil Painting.  ” .. my brother and his family adored the portrait of Bailey. My brother immediately took down photos….and replaced them with Bailey’s portrait over the center of the fireplace mantel in their den. They thought it was so accurate, that it must have been digitally printed, but then smelled the fresh paint and knew it was hand painted and were amazed.  Thank you so much for all the effort! ” LW  January 2017

Previously, an oil painting of Fergus (white dog) was created for LW.


Graphic Illustrated “SIXTY” commissioned!

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SIXTY Illustrated graphic:  “Hi ShawnaLee,  I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did on my friends 60th b-day gift.  Bob and his family loved it and found it to be unique and original.  The attention to detail and likeness on the skiers face was a hit. The fly fisherman had his son saying “dad that is definitely you from the back.”  Thanks again  Best  Ralph  10/25/2016

Conner_and_Gunner_254559ce18291d.jpgConnor with Gunner: “Shawna Lee did portraits of my boys and it is remarkable how she captured their likeness exactly. They say the sign of a good portrait artist is capturing the eyes and she nailed it. It’s almost like a photograph. Two were done in pencil and the third was in a colorful medium not sure maybe charcoal or pastels. They are my favorite art pieces in our home.”  Debbie Gore