Welcome to my Pet Portrait page!   You’re in for a real treat!  Commissioning your Pet’s portrait will be a rewarding experience that will give you or someone you love a lifetime of cherished memories!  Even more rewarding is becoming a part of the experience ~ from choosing your pet’s best expression to sharing their personality traits, you are infusing a piece of their spirit into the final work.  If it won’t ruin your surprise, ShawnaLee will share updates via her artist’s facebook page so that you can follow along as the portrait comes to life!  This is an exciting part of sharing the artistic journey together!

Before we begin, let me share with you a little of the process of portraiture! As you see below, there are many steps involved! This lovely watercolor painting of Chrissy & Kasey started off as a Pen & Ink drawing and ended as a very delicately nuanced painting!  Many layers of fur and details were added. The result brings them to life! It helps to have several of your pet’s best photographs to reference during the process – especially ones that reflect accurate colors.

To Order Your Pet’s Portrait:  

  • Send your ideas &  pet’s best photographs to ShawnaLee at:
  • Choose the size & media that best suit your needs! Not sure? Visit my Media page to take a look at what the differences are!
  • Your Portrait begins after we are agreed on what you would like and a 1/3 to 1/2 deposit is received.  The balance is due when you are thrilled with your portrait!  Mail a deposit to:  ShawnaLee Kwashnak 59 Bioski Rd., Middlebury CT 06762

What happens next?

  • You’re Portrait begins and you receive updates!  As long as it does not interfere with any surprise gifting, ShawnaLee will often post updates on her artist’s facebook page! Be sure to “like”  Portraits by ShawnaLee!
  • When the portrait is finished, you will receive a photograph via email for your approval!
  • When you love your pet’s portrait, arrangements for the balance and pick up are made.  Shipping is available for an additional fee.


These examples below are the sizes and media that are ordered the most from my studio.  If you are looking for something different, or perhaps you’d like several of your pets drawn or painted together, please email me for a quote that will suit your needs.

Every Pet Portrait is created entirely by hand in the timeless way using quality artist materials so that you and your family will enjoy your portrait for years to come!



DRAWINGS:  Charcoal or Graphite:  Cats, Dogs or Horses

A La Carte Soft Pastel additional 20%.  Fees are pretax. Your portrait comes with a complimentary neutral mat in a protective sleeve ready for your frame!










PAINTINGS:  Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors: Dogs, Cats or Horses

Fees are pretax. Watercolor paintings come with a complimentary neutral mat in a protective sleeve.










Portraits of Children and Adults are below. I am a board member of the Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists and am honored to learn from some of the world’s finest masters.


Charcoal Portraits 14×11 on toned artists paper from your photos $600+tax from your photos.

Full Portrait package begins @ $900+tax (16×20 -18×14″);   14×11 Oil starting @ $2000+tax.

The full Portrait Experience is enjoyed as your portrait will be a collaboration as we explore lighting, pose and background to create a unique family heirloom for yourself or someone you love.   This includes our collaboration as we explore live sketch studies to find pose and lighting; photographs for studio referencing, digital proofs for your approval & artist’s travel up to one hour from Middlebury, CT.  This package offers the full experience of having a single portrait created!

Gunthers with Grandchildren extra contrast

The Vintage Wedding:

Charcoal on toned art paper of Bernice and Joseph Melita M. Bridgeport. Known as Bonny & Joe.

The Vintage Wedding: From your supplied references. Your Charcoal portrait is sure to be a conversation piece that will become a family treasure to be handed down for generations!

16×20″  starting at: $1,800 + tax.

18×24″ starting at:  $2,000 + tax.

24×30″ starting at: $2,500 + tax.








Important information:

For Pet/Horse Portraits: Please provide ShawnaLee at least three of your favorite photographs – of the highest quality possible –  along with your ideas of what you would like!   Please include a few words about the subject such as name and personality traits as this is valuable information for the artist as she works.   Before beginning, ShawnaLee will give you recommendations along with a fee quote specific to your needs.  Your portrait begins once a deposit has been received.

For Home Portraits: Please provide ShawnaLee with several photos of the home from your desired point of reference.   Supporting photos will show details not easily seen from the main reference such as the front entry, special features, and landscaping. Of Utmost importance, please provide accurate color information.

For Children or Adults:   The best portraits are created with a combination of live sketch studies, photography and your valuable insights.  When this is not possible, ShawnaLee is still able to create a quality portrait for you through the use of several photographic references.


Regarding photographs:

  • Professional Photographer’s photos:  If you provide a photo from a professional photographer, ShawnaLee will need a copyright release in order to reference the photo. Thank you for respecting artist’s copyright laws!
  • Limited Photos available: If you only have a limited # of photographs available, please supply the artist with as many as possible so that she can familiarize herself with the subject.
  • Taking subject photos for your portrait: Choose evening hours when the lighting is soft; If indoors, please photo near a window without a flash. Get on eye level with your subject.  Please look for clear eye details & your favorite expressions!

Regarding your portrait:

  • Portrait Commitment: Once ShawnaLee understand your needs & has the photographic references, a  deposit is required to begin your portrait.   Fees do not include taxes or shipping&handling if necessary.
  • Your Satisfaction: Full payment is due upon your approval of the final portrait. The artist will post a photo of the original art on her artist’s facebook page or email it directly to you for your approval.  Your feedback is an important part of the portrait process and minor adjustments will be made to your specifications.  Changes in reference materials constitute a new portrait agreement.
  • Timing may vary from 2 weeks to several months, so please plan in advance if you have a special deadline in mind.  ShawnaLee will let you know when she is beginning your piece and keep you posted to the progress.    Gift Certificates are available.
  • Pick up or Delivery: You may choose to pick up your portrait at the studio, or it may be shipped  to you via Priority mail for an additional fee.

Artwork by ShawnaLee

  • All sketches or drawings are hand-drawn  on professional quality art paper with a complimentary mat, packaged in a protective sheet.  All materials used are acid free.
  • Paintings are hand painted (no computer printing!)** on quality stretched canvas/linen in your choice of oils or acrylics.  Prices are for single subjects with neutral /soft backgrounds.
  • Additional subjects, sizes, or detailed backgrounds are available; please inquire.
  • *Plus CT State Tax.  Photography, live sittings, travel and framing not included.  Fees listed are approximate and are subject to change. 

**I mention this as I have become aware of several online portrait venues that claim that they hand-paint their portraits. Please be aware that these companies are only adding paint to photo-shopped and printed works OR  creating a “painting” through the use of electronic means and printing your finished piece. Please be an informed art investor and ask how your work will be created and what materials will be used.

I do my art work the old fashioned way – by hand in the timeless way with authentic artist materials!




PRINTS~ By arrangement with the artist due to availability of the original work(s) of art;

First Printing Additional Prints

Fine Art Giclee ~ hand signed by Artist

$350 + tax $150 + tax

Fine Art Photo

$150 +tax $150 + tax

ShawnaLee Kwashnak     59 Bioski Rd.,     Middlebury CT 06762    203 598-0065