FY 22 Grant

Pandemic Portraiture: Reflections of Healing!

Sharing Reflections of Healing throughout our pandemic!
Instructor Examples.

The Pandemic has been a rough few years!

Pandemic Portraiture: Reflections of Healing is a ten week art course that will culminate into a published book and virtual artists reception. Interested Connecticut art students ages 12-18 are invited to apply to participate.

Online classes will be taught by ShawnaLee W. Kwashnak, who will lead students through the process that goes into creating a Pandemic Portrait. Classes will begin with learning about art materials, learning basic artist skills and then progress to learning how to create a portrait. Students will learn and practice drawing skills, be provided with art materials selected for success of learning, be welcomed to discuss/think about the pandemic, and discover what healing is and could look like. Students will be gently challenged to create a finished portrait that reflects the healing that has helped their subject(s) through the jarring disruption of our unprecedented worldwide pandemic. There is no cost to participate. Limited spaces are available to first come first served. This project is generously supported “with the support of the Department of Economic and Community Development, Office of the Arts, which also receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.”

The project culminates in original works of finished art that will be shown virtually, published on a website & book, and shown in a virtual artists reception open to the public with artists, guests, family, and community invited to attend. Each student will receive an important certificate of participation that may be used towards scholarship and college applications.

Student works from ShawnaLee’s previous Grant Class in 2020!
Our Classroom from 2020!

Important Dates:

~ CLASS DATES: Thursday evenings; 7-8pm: April 21, 28; May 5,12,19,26; June 2, 9, no class 16, 23, 30. Via Zoom.
~ Sept. 8th 7-8pm Preparation for our Virtual Artists Reception.
~ Sept. 15th 7-8pm Virtual Artists Reception.


Fine Art Classes for Connecticut Art Students* ages 12-18 who can commit to the full schedule of classes, practice skills covered and gather references outside of class time, create an artist’s statement, create a finished work of art that will be photographed at the instructor’s Middlebury art studio (outdoors) by appointment and attend our virtual artists reception.  *Art Students choose to create art in their free time.

Accepted students provide permission for their artwork and full names to be published in press and the planned book.  Each student and a CT Historical Society will receive a complimentary copy.

ZOOM: Students will need to be able to use video and audio and be able to share their artwork progress with the class for positive, kind and reinforcing feedback.  Students may need to print references. 

Are you in???? Have questions?

Let’s dive into the art of portraiture and capture the important moments of our lives that reflect healing!

SIGN UP! Please email artist@shawnalee.com for an application. If you plan to snail-mail your application, please send an email so that the artist knows to expect your entry. Thank you!!!!