Cheezic Legacy

Honoring the legacy of Grand Master Robert A. Cheezic

Charcoal Portrait of Grand Master Robert Cheezic by ShawnaLee W. Kwashnak

Publication project idea, Fine Art Giclees and T-shirts:

Publication Project idea: The artist would love to share some great memories or quotes along with a planned series of drawings and paintings in a publication! Your help is needed! Please share Good clear photos of Grand Master Cheezic (with photographers permission to reference please). Your great stories & Memories! A printed copy of the project will be gifted to the Cheezic family, the Federation headquarters in Naugatuck, and to a local historical society. Wouldn’t you want the next generation to feel as if they knew him? You can help them “remember” through your connection to him!

Fine Art Giclees:

A limited number of Fine Art Giclees of this original Charcoal portrait of Grand Master Cheezic may be created if there is interest.


The artist would love to offer the portrait for use in a future T-shirt. Please let her know who to collaborate with on this: Here is a mock-up design:

Thank you!!!!!!!!

ShawnaLee W. kwashnak